A caring and helpful group of people doing what we can for others in need. We are trying to feed the ones that need it most and showing GOD'S love.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215, United States
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What are we?

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Feeding His Flock Inc. mission is to eradicate homelessness and Hunger in our community by providing compassion, understanding, food pantry, emergency shelter and meals, clothing, and other needed items, along with offering individuals resources and services to deal with mental illness and drug addiction. Educational and vocational skills to promote self sufficiency also provided. Feeding His Flock Inc, believes in environmental (green) practices some activities will include reusing, restoring and recycling salvageable items instead of filling land fills while training and educating our participants.

Social Services, Benefits Counseling, Resource Help, Food Pantry, Homeless Outreach & Verification.


Our Mission...

Feeding His Flock Inc. is a non-profit organization exclusively with charitable purposes under section 501(c)3. The business of the organization may be conducted as a food pantry, homeless outreach, and/or shelter/transitional living services. 
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