Feeding His Flock Inc. is a non-profit organization exclusively with charitable purposes under section 501(c)3. The business of the organization may be conducted as a food pantry, homeless outreach, and/or shelter/transitional living services. 


There are many ways you can help! We send out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about the cause. We host fund-raising events; such as Cook offs, Raffles, & yard sales. We've connected to various online shopping locations that give back, all to provide immediate relief and assistance.

  • Monday Night Outreach
    • From 6pm until 11pm, drive around in the RV feeding homeless and hungry people at several locations around the City.

  • Tuesday Mobile Food Pantry
    • 11:30am - 1:30pm Stocking the mobile food pantry.
    • 2:00pm - 4:00pm Going to pantry location and helping handing out food.

  • Food Delivery
    • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Deliver to seniors and immobile community members that have no access to the mobile pantry

There are many ways you can help out in person. The list below are various "Jobs" we can use help with regularly.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215, United States
+1-414-439-4291 • feedinghisflock124@outlook.com

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Social Services, Benefits Counseling, Resource Help, Food Pantry, Homeless Outreach & Verification.

If you'd like to volunteer there are a few ways you can reach out. Either joining our facebook group and seeing what we need there, or fill out the form below with your information and what'd you like to do to help.

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more help we can receive.

Help Out...

Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.

Shop online? Great! Check out these websites below that are linked to our organization. This is great for those who want to help but cannot afford. Each one donates part of your purchase to us.


There are always random things we can use help with. Usually we ask for these on our facebook group. But, they come around several times throughout the year. Please check our facebook page for the most up to date needs we may have.

  • Working concessions at Brewer Games
  • Rummage Sale
  • Picking up and dropping off Donations
  • Fundraiser Help
  • Sorting Donations.